Episode 51 – Fan Expo:  Behind the Scenes of Some of Your Favorite Comic Cons

Friend to the show, Jorge from DadToyz pinch hits for Parker this week as he and Tim talk about the many Fan Expo events throughout North America and Canada.  They are joined by the Comics Relations Director of Fan Expo, Kevin Boyd.  If you were ever curious what it takes to put a large pop culture convention together, all your questions will be answered.  Look for a Fan Expo event near you at

Episode 50 – Collecting Trends, Fads & Tips During a Recession

Is Funko the new Beanie Baby?  Tim and Parker discuss why they believe Funko is not a fad.  Also, times are tough and collectors are tightening their purse strings during the recession.  Listen to find out some tips and tricks to satiate that collecting itch or wait out the tough economy.  Follow us on IG @thefunnerpodcast

Episode 49 – What Are You Talking Aboot?  The Walking Dead Eh

Tim and Parker are joined by their favorite Canadian and Toy Queen, Big Ern aka Erin Jardine! Join in on the conversation as the trio discuss all things The Walking Dead.  Plus, Big Ern takes on Tim in a TWD quiz…a battle for the ages.  Who wins?  Listen in and find out Eh.  Check out Erin on IG @Big_Ern_Toy_Queen

Episode 48 – Summer’s in Full Swing:  Happy Independence Day

Lots and lots of Brat(wurst) talk.  Tim and Parker discuss some of their 4th of July traditions, as well as some of their favorite Summer activities.  Plus, Parker quizzes Tim on the history of independence Day (spoiler alert – Tim clearly did not study for the test).  On behalf of the funner crew, we hope you have an amazing Summer full of food, fun & sun!

Episode 47 – LEGO Masters.  You Had Me at Lego

Tim and Parker’s love of LEGO is well documented.  On this episode, we are thrilled to be joined by professional LEGO artist and season 1 contestant of LEGO Masters, Jermaine Gardner, better known as BX Brix.  Learn some inside info about LEGO fans favorite TV reality competition and enjoy some great conversation about those glorious plastic bricks that can bring out the inner kid in anyone.  Check out Jermaine’s body of work at

Episode 46 – DadToyz Takeover

Tim and Parker welcome Jorge aka DadToyz back to the funnerdome, only this time Jorge’s the one asking the questions!  Learn a bit about Tim and Jorge’s adventures at the recent MegaCon in Orlando.  Plus, Jorge battles Parker in a pop culture trivia for the ages.  Check out Jorge’s collectibles store in Appleton Wisconsin or follow them on IG @dadtoyz

Episode 45 – The Best Movie Villains of All Time?

Tim and Parker share a few of their pet peeves (hint – back up a few feet people & please wait your turn).  Sometimes these pet peeves are enough to push you over the edge, perhaps even enough to unlock your inner villain.  In this episode, we cover the greatest movie villains of all time.  Agree or disagree?  Feel free to weigh in and let us know who are some of your favorite all-time villains on our IG page @thefunnerpodcast

Episode 44 – NFT’s, Gaming & the Metaverse

NFT’s or Non-fungible tokens are one of the hottest new trends in the collecting world and the only thing non fun we allow in the funnerdome.  Tim and Parker discuss these digital assets and how they have made their way into the world of gaming, in fact Parker started his own NFT game called Taco Racers!  Be sure to check out

Episode 43 – Summer Blockbuster Movies

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to the Summer and that means Summer Blockbuster movies baby!  Tim and Parker discuss all of their must see movies this Summer to get you out of the heat and into a nice air conditioned theatre.  So grab your popcorn and favorite beverage because it’s time to go to the movies funner style.

Episode 42 – Did You Buy a Fake?

Have you ever been online looking to buy that coveted item to add to your collection and something just seemed off?  Perhaps the price was too good to be true or the item just didn’t look exactly right…in this episode of funner, Tim and Parker are joined by George from Chicago Toy Company to better help you avoid buying a fake collectible.  Check out @chicagotoycompany on IG

Episode 41 – DunderCon:  Office Fans Unite!

Tim and Parker are BIG (that’s what she said) fans of the television series The Office, so it only made sense to talk about the foremost convention for Office fans around the world…DunderCon.  Arnold Cuervo, co-founder of DunderCon joins the funnerdome to discuss some favorite moments from the Office and also let us know some of the amazing things that will take place at the first ever DunderCon!  Check out for tickets and info

Episode 40 – May the 4th Be With You:  Unless You’re Obi-Wan?

A Long time ago (last Wednesday), in a podcast far far away, Tim and Parker recorded an episode so massive in scale that it can only be described as funner!  May the 4th is arguably the biggest pop cultureHoliday recognized by Star Wars fans all over the world and T & P are joined by Daniel Henning who shares his infamous encounter with the original Obi-Wan, Sir Alec Guinness.  Find out what promise Daniel made as a 12 year old Star Wars superfan.  Are these the droids you’re looking for?  Check out Daniel’s book Alec Guinness Hated Star Wars or How I Became a Famous Star Wars Fan: A True Star Wars Story

Episode 39 – There Goes My Hero!

April 28th is National Superhero Day, but every day calls for heroes.  Tim and Parker discuss the superheroes that shaped their lives, both real and fictional.  Enjoy a good ol’ funner conversation and celebrate the heroes in your life.  As Uncle Ben said, “With great power, comes great responsibility” and Tim and Parker are up to the task!  Check out for everything funner

Episode 38 – May the Schwartz Be With You!

Tim and Parker are joined by Kevin Schwartz, one of the owners of Schwartz Sports Memorabilia to discuss all things sports collectibles.  Whether you are new to sports memorabilia collecting or you’re a seasoned vet, you’ll get some valuable information and hear some fun stories.  Join in on the funner and download this episode now!  Check out some great sports memorabilia at


Episode 37 – Osamu Tezuka Was Really Onto Something

Anime fans unite!  Tim and Parker are joined by a popular YouTuber to discuss all things Japanese animation, better known as Anime.  Dante aka SkittleRampage talks about his well viewed YouTube channel which has a heavy focus on Anime and he and Parker nerd out about  some of their favorite characters and series…just in time for National Anime Day.  Make sure to check out SkittleRampage on his YouTube channel and his social channels by the same name.

Episode 36 – Is Your Signed Memorabilia Authentic?

If you’re like Tim and Parker and like you some signed memorabilia, then you will undoubtedly want to get those pieces authenticated.  James Spence III Vice President of JSA joins the funnerdome to discuss why you should get all of your signed collectibles authenticated, as well as how the process takes place.  This is a great episode for all collectors or even the causal fan of celebrity signed items.  Follow JSA on IG @jsaloa

Episode 35 – I’m Batman!

Tim and Parker talk all things batman, including their review of the new movie, The Batman.  You may already know Tim’s love for the caped crusader, but can he answer Parker’s trivia questions about all things Gotham?  If you are a fan of the dark knight, then this episode is for you!

Episode 34 – Know Your Pokemon

Tim and Parker are joined by a very special guest…Jude, Parker’s 10 year Pokemon prodigy son.  Learn a bit about this world wide phenomenon, plus Tim takes on Jude in a battle of Pokemon knowledge.  Download and listen to find out who wins.  Tim isn’t called Ditto for nothing…or is he?

Episode 33 – St. Patrick’s Day ‘O Fun

Tis’the season of madness, shamrock shake (just ask Parker) and the luck o’ the Irish!  Tim and Parker have some fun chatting about all things St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness and more.  Plus, some of the most impressionist impressions ever.  Join in on the funner and download and listen – undoubtedly this episode will bring you plenty of luck.

Episode 32 – Class is in Session:  NFT’s 101

Tim and Parker are going to open your minds to the wonderful world of non-fungible tokens, aka NFT’s.  Learn everything you ever wanted to know about NFT’s from starting your wax wallet that houses your NFT’s to how to claim your Funko NFT redeemables.  This episode is full of great information.  Whether you are an NFT fan or simply curious, download and listen today!

Episode 31 – The Distribution Side of Collecting

Ever wonder how all of your favorite collectibles make it to your local toy store or online shop?  Tim DiBiase from EE Distribution, a division of Entertainment Earth and learn a little about his day-to-day and what trends determine what collectibles you may see coming to a store near you!  Whether you buy, sell, or both, this episode is for you.

Episode 30 – Celebrity Hairstylist Shares Fond Memories from TV’s Hit Show ‘The Office’

Calling all The Office fans!  Ready to nerd out?  Tim and Parker are joined by celebrity hairstylist, Kim “Hair” Ferry.  Find out how she became one of the most sought after hair stylists in movies and television, including, the hit TV series The Office!  Kim shares some fond memories form the set – you won’t want to miss this episode.  Check out Kim on IG:

Episode 29 – Fun, Funner, FUNKO!

Oompa, Loompa Doompahdah Dee, Tim and Parker interviewed Funko’s Ashley and Hilary!  This episode is dedicated to all things Funko, one of the largest brands in pop culture collectibles.  Take a virtual auto peek inside Funko HQ with the Social Media Community Manager and Associate Director of Fan Marketing, Ashley & Hilary and learn all about the new Pop Yourself feature and much, much more.  Make sure to check out their social channels @originalfunko

Episode 28 – Feeling the Love Funner Style

It’s Valentine’s Day (or as Parker would say ValenTIMES Day) and love is in the air.  Tim and Parker are joined by Parker’s much much better half, Elizabeth and they reminisce on collectible hunting in the early days of their relationship, as well as some great Holiday funner facts.  Listen in and feel the love…all the virtual hugs you could possibly want.

Episode 27 – Designer Toys From the Mothership

Tim and Parker like toys…they also like aliens, so it was only natural they brought on Kevin Phillips from Martian Toys as this week’s exert guest.  Kevin discusses some of the hottest designer toys, also known as art toys on the market (spoiler alert he likes toys too).  Find out what makes an art toy designer and why you should consider adding these little pieces of art to your collection. Check out

Episode 26 – The World’s Fastest Growing Collectibles Database

Pop Price Guide or PPG as it’s better known can be a controversial topic for Funko sellers and buyers alike.  Tim and Parker help clear the air about PPG and and learn a lot about the biggest collectors database online, HobbyDB with their CEO Christian Braun.  If you want to sell, buy, check value or simply catalog your collection, then check out!

Episode 25 – The In-Store Shopping Experience

What’s better than waking up on a Saturday morning and venturing out for a day of toy hunting?  Tim and Parker talk about their experiences waiting in lines for limited drops and those awesome days of of hunting their favorite collectibles at their favorite local stores.  Also, we bring on George, the proprietor of Chicago Toy Company to discuss the in-store shopping experience.  Check them out on IG:  @ChicagoToyCompany

Episode 24 – Nothing But Star Wars

Tim and Parker bring in the New Year nerding out over their favorite galaxy far, far away.  Original trilogy, prequel, sequel and Disney Plus shows…we got you covered.  Learn some of Tim and Parker’s favorite things about arguably the holy grail of nerd fandom, Star Wars.  Check out new episodes every week and follow us on IG @thefunnerpodcast to join in on the conversation.

Episode 23 – Down Memory Lane, Revisiting Our Very First Episode

To start the New Year out right, we’re replaying a Best Of funner episode, revisiting the one that started it all…our very first episode! Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and hear the first time Tim and Parker had funner.

Episode 22 – Year in Review, Who’s Ready for ’22?

Can it be?  Is 2021 already over?  Time really flies when you’re having funner!  Tim and Parker reminisce over the past year, while also discussing ways to improve self care in 2022.  We had an amazing time creating these first 20 + episodes and look forward to some great things in the New Year.  Cheers to you all, be safe and here’s to a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2022.  See you next year 🙂

Episode 21 – There Arose Such a Clatter, The Christmas Episode

Tim and Parker are feeling festive and funner as they discuss all things Christmas.  Also, all the way from the North Pole, we were honored to welcome Mrs. Sinter and Santa’s smallest helper with no filter, Lick the Elf to the funner studios and they brought their special brand of Holiday cheer (pretty sure that cheer is still lingering) – listen to find out why.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a funner night!  Follow us on instagram @thefunnerpodcast

Episode 20 – Spinning Out…Collecting Vinyl Records

If you’re like Tim and Parker, then music is life.  These days, many people stream music and listen on their phones, tablets and in the car, but nothing can replace the sound of a vinyl record.  Although Tim is an avid collector of records, he is still relatively new to the hobby, so he asked Record Wonderland proprietorSteve to join the funnerdome to help talk Parker into taking up collecting vinyl…listen in to see if it worked.  Check out record

Episode 19 – Tim and Parker Go To the Movies

Grab your popcorn folks…it’s movie time!  Tim and Parker discuss their love of movies and rate some of this season’s best to add to your Holiday break watch lists.  New movie reviews, plus the best and worst of 2021 all right here…so whattya waiting’ for, give it a listen.  Also, be sure to comment on our instagram with your favorite or least favorite movies of this past year.   IG: @thefunnerpodcast

Episode 18 – Toy Shows, Comic Cons & CoCONunts

Tim and Parker are joined by their favorite pop culture loving coconut, the infamous cambia dancing Jorge of DadToyz to discuss all things Comic Cons.  Parker shares his experience from the recent NYCC, while Tim and Jorge shared a magical day at a recent comic con in Chicago!  Get some pro tips if you plan to exhibit at a con or toy show, as well as some funner stories and interviews from Wizard World (now Fan Expo).  Check out Jorge on IG @ DadToyz

Episode 17 – Funnergiving: Thankful

Spoiler alert!  Tim and Parker are thankful for one another, but mostly we are thankful for our wonderful families, friends & supporters in this terrific collectibles and pop culture community.  Have a Happy, Safe, restful and funner Thanksgiving to y’all.  This episode is perfect for listening to while prepping, cooking, driving to your Turkey Day festivities or even secretly popping in those earbuds while your uncle rants about why Turduckens aren’t a real thing…oh they’re real and delicious!  Happy Holidays (heart & hug emojis)

Episode 16 – Sports is my Favorite Show

If you’re like Tim and Parker and love sports, then this episode is for you!  The preeminent sports card breakers, BackyardBreaks are welcomed into the funnerdome to discuss how their savage team of rippers have quickly become tops in their game.  Nicky Rips and Grant will both motivate you and entertain you all at the same time.  Listen to one of our best episodes to date and be sure to shoot our fantastic guests a follow on IG, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch and YouTube @BackyardBreaks

Episode 15 – Sneakerheads Unite:  Customizing Those ‘Kicks’

Tim and Parker are joined by Sal Amezcua better known as Kickstradomis, one of the most notable custom sneaker artists in the game.  Listen to his inspiring story and how he worked his way from humble beginnings to one of the hottest custom sneaker artists to the stars!  Find out what’s next for Kickstradomis and be sure to shoot him a follow on IG, Twitter and YouTube @Kickstradomis

Episode 14 – whatnot ‘n stuff

Just like hotels have no 13th floor, funner has no 13th episode (no bad juju at funner). Tim and Parker are joined by Logan Head, the co-founder and CTO of whatnot, an amazing platform that allows collectors of all walks of life to come together to buy and sell (fun fact, T & P met thanks to whatnot). Listen in to find out all about this amazing company and where things are headed for whatnot. After the episode, if you haven’t already go download the app!

Episode 12 – Trick or Treat? It’s Hallow Funnerween

What’s funner than Halloween?  Tim and Parker are joined by self proclaimed Scream # 1 fan and YouTuber, Jassy from House of 1000 Pops.  Although, everyday may be Halloween for Jassy, we discuss some of the best parts of this spooky Holiday.  Listen if you dare (insert evil laugh).  Also, check out Jassy on IG @Houseof1000Pops

Episode 11 – Tim & Parker Nerd Out: Marvel vs DC

Self proclaimed nerds Tim and Parker like to get their geek on every now and again and lucky for you, today is that day! Are you team Marvel or team DC? Well, spoiler alert, T & P lean Marvel – find out why. Also, please weigh in on the topic on Instagram @thefunnerpodcast

Episode 10 – Adding Harder to Find Pieces to Your Collection

Tim & Parker bring YouTuber John Darling (aka Don Jarling) of SlapShotPops into the funnerdome. John shares some tricks on how to add those harder to find, limited pieces to your collection without breaking the bank. Listen to find out why you should always keep shooting until you score!

Episode 9 – Inside the Head of a Collector

Wanna know what makes Tim & Parker’s brains tick? Careful what you ask for! Board certified Neurologist and Psychologist and collector, Dr. Shirley Mueller joins in on the funner to discuss her book, Inside the Head of a Collector (available here on Amazon) and all the wonderful glorious neurons that make us want to collect.

Episode 8 – Tim & Parker’s Anniversary Extravaganza

Where has the time gone? (insert Kenny Rogers Through the Years music)  Tim and Parker take a trip down memory lane as they celebrate 7 episodes in the books!  How much funner can two guys have? Listen and find out.

Episode 7 – NFT’s…The Future of Collecting?

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and NFT’s sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but they’re not….Tim & Parker are joined by Tokewave co-founder Patrick Burns along with their Marketing Director Sam Anderson to help clear the confusion.  Now go download the TokenHead app 😀

Episode 6 – Mystery Boxes & The Professor

Although it sounds like an episode of Scooby-Doo, it’s really so much funner. Join Tim & Parker as they bring on YouTuber, Professor Josh to help uncover everything you need to know about mystery box buying and selling. Oh and Parker turns another year older.

Episode 5 – Better Buys & Savvy Sellers

Tim & Parker have had their shares of ups and downs in their collecting careers, so they share some tips and tricks to help other collectors navigate the challenging waters whether you’re looking to buy or sell. Get ready to improve those eBay ratings!

Episode 4 – Zealous Zobie Supporterz

Tim & Parker heart Zobie Productions! Founder and President of Zobie Productions, Jayare Gallegos joins fun.ner to discuss how his childhood passion of collecting led to founding one of the leading autograph memorabilia companies in the country and how they strive to bring the con experience to your home.  Check out all the goodness at

Episode 3 – Perfectly Odd Pizza & YouTubin’

Tim & Parker, Pizza and the Poppin’ Duo….that’s as funner as it gets!  Vince from the Poppin’ Duo shares their families journey to YouTube success and provides some tips for the aspiring Youtuber. Oh and don’t forget the DAD jokes. What is my dog’s favorite kind of Pizza? Pupperoni (download this episode now for more of this amazingness – what are you waiting for?)

Episode 2 – Ditto, Monthly & Sodas Oh My

The Dynamic Duo of Tim (ditto) and Parker (monthly) are back and this time they’re thirsty and they have brought The Soda King, Jim Rowe (aka RocknRowe) into the funnerdome. Funko sodas have gained immense popularity as of late and you’ll learn all about these non-carbonated vinyl collectibles. Check out Jim’s YouTube Channel -RocknRowe

Episode 1 – Tim & Parker Have Funner

Self proclaimed pop culture enthusiasts and passionate collectors of all things awesome, Tim and Parker discuss how it all began. If you like Funko, Lego, Harry Potter and embarrassing stories oh and brussel sprouts, well then…this episode is for you!

Trailer – Funner?

Why have fun, when you can have funner. Join Tim and Parker weekly as they interview the foremost experts in the wacky world of pop culture, collecting and whatever other nonsense comes to mind. Rated PG13.
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