Month: November 2021


Episode 17 – Funnergiving: Thankful

Spoiler alert!  Tim and Parker are thankful for one another, but mostly we are thankful for our wonderful families, friends & supporters in this terrific collectibles & pop culture loving community. Have a Happy, Safe, Restful & funner Thanksgiving to y’all. […]


Episode 16 – Sports is my Favorite Show

If you’re like Tim and Parker and love sports, then this episode is for you!  The preeminent sports card breakers, BackyardBreaks are welcomed into the funnerdome to discuss how their savage team of rippers have quickly become tops in their […]


Episode 14 – whatnot n’ stuff

Just like hotels have no 13th floor, funner has no 13th episode (no bad juju at funner). Tim and Parker are joined by Logan Head, the co-founder and CTO of whatnot, an amazing platform that allows collectors of all walks of life […]