Month: August 2021


Episode 3 – Perfectly Odd Pizza & YouTubin’

Tim & Parker, Pizza and the Poppin’ Duo…that’s as funner as it gets!  Vince from the Poppin’ Duo shares their families journey to YouTube success and provides some tips for the aspiring YouTuber. Oh and don’t forget the DAD jokes. […]


Episode 2 – Ditto, Monthly & Sodas Oh My

The Dynamic Duo of Tim (ditto) and Parker (monthly) are back and this time they’re thirsty and they have brought The Soda King, Jim Rowe (aka RocknRowe) into the funnerdome. Funko sodas have gained immense popularity as of late and […]


Episode 1 – Tim & Parker Have Funner

Self proclaimed pop culture enthusiasts and passionate collectors of all things awesome, Tim and Parker discuss how it all began. If you like Funko, Lego, Harry Potter and embarrassing stories oh and brussel sprouts, well then…this episode is for you!


Trailer – Funner?

Why have fun, when you can have funner. Join Tim and Parker weekly as they interview the foremost experts in the wacky world of pop culture, collecting and whatever other nonsense comes to mind. Rated PG13